新疆福彩18选7 Larry David stars as... Larry David, living the good life out in Los Angeles and stumbling through one faux-pas after another.


“Never have I seen an actor enjoy a role the way Bob did playing Marty Funkhouser on Curb. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience knowing and working with him. There was no one like him, as he told us again and again. We’re all in a state of shock.”

Larry David

The Real Deal from Set

Season 10 is filming and J.B. Smoove (AKA Leon) is more than ready for his close up.?

See How Curb Got Its Start

Before it was a comedy series, Curb was a deadpan 1999 mockumentary. Watch the one-off project that started it all.

Curb Is Returning

An all new season with pretty much the exact same Larry. Prepare yourself, Curb is coming back.


Watch the Season 9 Premiere

The trials and tribulations of a man with zero filter makes for great comedy. Discover the joys of Curb Your Enthusiasm with an all new episode.

Get Caught Up in Curb

Just disccovering the antics of Larry, or re-watching Curb from the beginning? These handy guides are here to accompany your binge.

73 preview
The Essential Episodes Guide

For the longtime-fan and the newcomer, dive into a list of ultimate Curb episodes — in all their antagonistic glory.

Larry on subway with bread loaf
Larry David Hated It First

Leave it to Larry to verbalize what we’re all silently thinking. See what the curmudgeon despised before the rest of us caught on.

75 preview
How Big Is Your VocabuLarry?

From "Chat-n-Cut" to "Sample Abuser" — learn what Larry's lingo is all about with this collection of Curb clips.

“Every whine, every forced smile, every giddy giggle is earned.”

— Entertainment Weekly

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